“No Mask to Conceal Her Voice” Coming to Lovecraft eZine

My latest story “No Mask to Conceal Her Voice” has just been accepted by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. to appear in the special King in Yellow themed issue he’s guest editing for Lovecraft eZine. This issue should appear in a few months, perhaps December or January.

This is my second time working with both Pulver (who edited The Grimscribe’s Puppets, in which my story “Diamond Dust” appeared) and Lovecraft eZine (my “Nectar of Strange Lips” appeared in the April 2013 issue).

I especially loved Pulver’s King in Yellow themed anthology, A Season in Carcosa, which I reviewed HERE. Though I missed out on a chance to appear in that book, I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to submit my take on Carcosa and the King in Yellow to an editor with such a special love of that mythos.

I’ll have more information about this as publication approaches. It occurs to me that this story is also noteworthy in that it’s my longest piece of fiction to be accepted for publication. I’ve written longer before, and am about to tackle a hefty novella, but at 6,900 words this will be the first thing I’ve published over 5,000 words.

My thanks to Joe Pulver and Mike Davis of Lovecraft eZine for providing this opportunity!

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