If You Want to Read My Work

I’ve made a lot of new friends and come into contact with lots of new people lately, both in the real world and social media. NecronomiCon Providence (see last several blog posts) is probably the main reason, and the “friend of a friend” networking effect, following on from that event.

If you’re interested in getting more familiar with my work, I have some suggestions.

My story “Diamond Dust” appeared in the wonderful Thomas Ligotti tribute anthology, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. and published by Miskatonic River Press. You can find that book in several formats HERE.

“Arches and Pillars” was published in the latest issue of Black Static, a very fine magazine of horror fiction published in the UK. You can subscribe or purchase individual copies directly from the publisher TTA Press, or you can quickly grab the Kindle version HERE.

You can also find my story “The Lure of Devouring Light” free to read online at Apex Magazine. I’m in Issue 47, April 2013.

Another of my stories that’s free to read online is “Nectar of Strange Lips,” published in Lovecraft eZine Issue 23, April 2013.

I’ve published other stories around, but these are the ones that seem to have received the most attention. Here are some cool book and magazine covers to entice you.





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