Looking Ahead to 2014

Having completed a look back on 2013, how about what’s coming up?


I plan to read a lot of books, but probably won’t review as many.


I intend to write at least as much as I did last year. In the past, I mostly searched for upcoming themed anthologies, and wrote stories I thought might fit.

This year, at least some of my work will be written for invitations. In the past seven months or so, I’ve received five invitations. I’m usually capable of writing one story a month at best, so at this rate I’ll barely have to do anything but write for the invites I get.

I also intend to write another novella (I wrote one late in 2013 which hasn’t appeared yet), and begin a novel.


I’m also eager to see the publication of several things written last year. Of these, I can mention “No Mask Conceals the Sound of Her Voice” which will appear in a special King in Yellow themed issue of Lovecraft eZine, and “May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” in a Current 93 themed anthology Mighty in Sorrow. There are several others pending consideration or acceptance or other variables, so I can’t be more specific on those. One of them will be my first reprint.

My main publishing goal for the coming year is to assemble a short story collection and start the process of discussing potential publication. I’m fortunate to have several friends who are knowledgeable and experience in this area, and who don’t hesitate to nudge me onward, and try to help make this happen.


Speaking of crazy friends, I’m most looking forward to several conventions this year.

First, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con will be held in Portland, April 11-13. I’ve been accepted as a guest again this year, and I’ll have much more to say about this event as it approaches. It really is a wonderful fun time, and anybody who enjoys weird fiction (not just Lovecraft) should absolutely attend if they’re able.

This year, the World Horror Convention will also be in Portland, May 8-11. That’s right, two world-class collections of weirdos convene in Portland in less than a month!

Last year, Lena and I made it to two conventions. This year I’d like to make it three or four. It’s possible I’ll attend something on the other side of the country, like Necon or Readercon.

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