Looking Back on 2013

2013 is over. It was a very good year.

I read a lot of great books, and reviewed many of them.

I wrote a lot, and wrote much better than ever before.

I published more than I expected, and began to encounter less resistance to my work. I received my first invitations to submit to projects, experience my first “pro” publication, and my first print magazine publication, and overall saw my work appear in higher profile venues than ever before.

I attended the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland in May, and NecronomiCon in Providence in August, both accompanied by my wife Lena. At both events we met lots of great people, including writers, editors, readers, publishers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and assorted other cool folk. At HPLFF, I did my first public reading, and at NecronomiCon, I was surprised to do my second.

2013 was a much better year by every measure than 2012. I will be very happy if 2014 continues the trend.

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