“Far From Streets” Coming Soon

In a recent update, I mentioned my upcoming novella “Far From Streets.” I’ve been given the go-ahead by the publisher, Dunhams Manor Press, to announce that this will be available to preorder soon.

"Far From Streets," a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press
“Far From Streets,” a standalone novella from Dunhams Manor Press

Dunhams Manor Press has released some nice chapbooks of weird fiction by Nicole Cushing, Daniel Mills, Jordan Krall and others. In addition to my own upcoming release, the press will be doing books by Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Scott Nicolay, Wilum H. Pugmire, and T.E. Grau.

These are very limited editions (usually 25 or 33 or 50 copies) and generally sell out in pre-order, so if you have any interest in obtaining one, it’s best to order as soon as they’re announced. Soon I’ll say a bit more about the story, in case you need a bit more of a nudge in order to be interested.

For now I’m very pleased and excited to let everyone know this is coming. My thanks to Jordan Krall of Dunhams Manor Press for making this happen.

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