Far From Streets Selling Out Fast

Sunday I mentioned that my standalone novella Far From Streets was available for preorder from Dunhams Manor Press.

I also mentioned this will be a small limited edition, and is expected to sell out fast. As of this morning, the edition is mostly gone. It’s hard to gauge from the little “availability” meter on the web store, but I’d say we’re about 2/3 sold out. If you want a copy, now’s the time. In a few days, they’ll all be gone.


Here’s that link to buy again. It’s only $7 for over 100 pages in a nice tidy little paperback, with a cover I designed myself using artwork I tweaked from a Gustav Klimt painting of fir trees.

Since it will sell out soon, if you buy it, read it and end up hating it, you’ll probably be able to sell it later for more than you paid! That’s better than a guarantee, isn’t it? MORE THAN your money back if not satisfied… sort of. Remember, though, this is a pre-order, so copies will not be mailed out immediately.

I appreciate the support of everyone who has ordered a copy so far.

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