Surreal Worlds Table of Contents

Here’s the tentative table of contents for that anthology I recently mentioned, Surreal Worlds, edited by Vincenzo Bilof.

Steve Rasnic Tem “Paula Breaks”

John Palisano “The BiPolar Express”

Gabino Iglesias “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Robin Wyatt Dunn “A Shadow of a Princess’s Dream”

Bruce Boston “Surreal Chess”

Rhys Hughes “Bones of Jones”

R.A. Harris “The Noise that Stains”

Seb Doubinsky “Goodbye Babylon”

Thomas Logan “The Continued Instances of George Marthis within the Singularity, wherein the Instance Knows No Rules (George is Old When Our Story Starts)”

Daniel Vlasaty “Everything is Colors All of Them”

Michael Griffin “Jewels and False Memories: The Origins of a Lunatic”

Max Booth III “One Day I’ll Quit this Job and Rule the World”

Dustin Reade “House Party”

Adrian Ludens “I Can Do What I Need to in the Dark”

Andrew Wayne Adams “Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation”

Wolv-riey “The End of the World Pie”

Allen Griffin “I, Autocorrect”

Tom Bradley “Mr. Fuck You Okay?”

Chantal Noordeloos “Labels”

Don Webb “The Last God”

Bob Ritchie “The Mahler Stream”

Eli Wilde “Snowflakes Falling, Pages Turning”

Antonio Magogoli “The Inmost Plague Bell Swims”

Chris Kelso “The Statement of Tom Tryout”

Carter Rydr “Pain Pig’s Pilgrimage”

Here’s that cover again:

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