The Children of Old Leech Ready to Order

The Children of Old Leech is supposed to be released July 15, but has begun showing up as “in stock” in various online bookstores.





All four of the above indicate in one way or another that they have copies of the book to sell, though the only one that says “ships within 24 hours” is Barnes and Noble.

I know a lot of people are looking forward to getting their hands on this book, and with good reason. I just finished reading it myself, and it’s absolutely packed with excellent and varied stories by many of today’s best weird & horror fiction writers. My own story “Firedancing” appears in the book. I feel absolutely thrilled and proud to be included in such company, and also to be able to pay tribute to Laird Barron, for whom I have the greatest respect.


Editors Justin Steele and Ross E. Lockhart have put together a really noteworthy book, one that I feel is certain to get a lot of attention in coming years.

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