2014 Year End

It always seems the case that when I go longer than usual without a blog update, it’s during a stretch of especially hard work.

I just finished writing a 38k word novella, which I hope will occupy the final slot in my planned story collection. I’ve assembled that collection manuscript and begun the submission process, and I hope before too long I’ll have some idea when, how and where my collection may appear.

I had a good year writing and publishing in 2014, though it included a share of disappointments and frustrations.

Story publications included:

“No Mask to Conceal Her Voice” in the King in Yellow themed issue of Lovecraft eZine

“May Dawn Redeem What Night Destroys” in the Current 93 tribute anthology Mighty In Sorrow edited by Jordan Krall

“Firedancing” in The Children of Old Leech, the Laird Barron tribute anthology from Word Horde.

Most significantly, I published the standalone novella Far From Streets with Dunhams Manor Press. Though that was published in a small edition of only 50 copies, which quickly sold out, that publication has received an excellent response from those who have seen it. That novella should reappear in my collection, for those who missed the standalone.

These acceptances for publication should appear in 2015:

“Apprentice, Muse and Mancer” in A Mythos Grimmly

“Jewels and False Memories: The Origins of a Lunatic” in Surreal Worlds

“Miles and Kathrine at the Crimson” in Leaves of Necronomicon.

I still have several other pieces under consideration at various venues, so may soon be able to add to the list of acceptances pending publications.

Of course the biggest thing I have going is the story collection, which is now in the submission process. While that’s underway, I’m beginning work on a novel, and sorting ideas for the next few things.

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