The Outer Dark Podcast – News of the Weird

Wednesday night I took part in a group Skype call with The Outer Dark host Scott Nicolay and Justin Steele, who usually joins Scott during the “News of the Weird” segment to end each show. The purpose of my call was to talk a bit about the announcement of my collection, which had happened on the morning of the day our call took place.

If you’re at all interested in The Weird, broadly defined to cover Horror, the traditional Weird Tale, the modern Weird, Bizarro and other associated niches and subgenres, you really out to check out The Outer Dark. For me, it’s been a must-listen since the beginning, with great interviews and appearances from some very interesting writers, editors and artists.

My sincere thanks to Scott and Justin for taking some time to chat about my book, and help spread the word!

Very quickly, the episode was edited and posted online, so it’s already available to listen, for free. The majority of the episode is an interview with Garrett Cook, and Garrett always has interesting thoughts to express, so I’m looking forward to giving this a listen today:

The Outer Dark: Episode 28 — JANUARY 21, 2016

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