Guest Appearance at 2016 HP Lovecraft Film Fest, San Pedro

I’ve previously mentioned in passing, if not on this blog then on Facebook and Twitter, that I’ll be attending the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, California Friday April 29 through Sunday May 1.

It’s now official. The Kickstarter has been funded, I’ve bought my ticket (and t-shirts and other fun prizes), and booked my hotel room. I’ll definitely be there.


I’ve been added to the GUEST LIST officially, so it looks like I’ll be reading, or panel-ing, or both. April 30 happens to be the release date for my collection THE LURE OF DEVOURING LIGHT, so Ross Lockhart of Word Horde and I will do something or other to celebrate the book release, whether that’s a reading, a signing, or just drinking lots of good beer and shouting about the book at any one who’ll listen.


Even if you didn’t pledge the Kickstarter, you can still buy tickets HERE. You can get a weekend pass, or individual day tickets for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. I’ve attended the Portland HPLFF many times, but this will be my first time at the Southern California version. This one should have a lot of great guests, such as Joe Pulver, Mike Davis of Lovecraft eZine, Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft, S.P. Miskowski, Cody Goodfellow, Nick Gucker, Sam Cowan of Dim Shores, and as already mentioned, Ross E. Lockhart of Word Horde. I can’t wait to see so many old friends again, and hope I’ll also get to meet many of my online weird friends for the first time.

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