The Insomniac Who Slept Forever

I hinted at this news on Facebook earlier in the week, and because my hint was such an obvious one, I sort of felt like I had actually announced the news… but not everybody will recognize the meaning of the image I posted, so I should probably make it official.

My story “The Insomniac Who Slept Forever” has been accepted to appear in THE MADNESS OF DR. CALIGARI, an anthology in tribute to the wonderful classic of horror, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The book is being edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. and will be published by Fedogan & Bremer an expected release October 2016.

This promises to be a really special book, with some great artists and writers involved. In fact, the other accepted contributors to the Table of Contents so far include many-time winners of all the major awards, writers who’ve been publishing at a high level for many decades. Even the cover artist is a giant in the field of the fantastic. And of course, this publisher always creates editions of beautiful quality.

I can’t wait to see the full Table of Contents, and of course the cover art. When these are available, I’ll post them here. For now, my thanks to Editor Pulver for letting me play a part in this.

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