A Book is More Than Just Words

Today I received early copies of my collection THE LURE OF DEVOURING LIGHT, coming from Word Horde later this month. I had seen the cover layout images, so of course I had a good idea what to expect, but I was still very pleasantly surprised with how great the books ended up looking in print.



I want to thanks Word Horde Editor & Publisher Ross E. Lockhart, and Scott R Jones who did the layout, for their excellent work. In addition, I’d like to direct attention toward the artist Jarek Kubicki, whose wonderful imagery seems such a perfect match with the feel of my stories. You can see more of his work on his Facebook art page HERE.

After having assembled a batch of stories, made a connection with a publisher anyone would be thrilled to work with, and found an image that fits so well, it’s my great pleasure and relief to hold in my hands a book that fully expresses all I had hoped to accomplish with my first collection.


If I looked less than fully enthused here, it’s because I’m distracted by passers-by in the post office, where I took this photo immediately after opening the box, looking at me like only an insane person would take selfies holding up a book. Well, they didn’t know the whole story. It’s my first real book, and I love it.

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