The New Math

The New Math – All the Numbers of the bEast (so far…)

Some of you may have noticed, the internet is leaking madness. Today is Pulver day! Here, find a collection of links to all those offerings, in approximately the order I discovered them.

Laird Barron –

Michael Cisco –

Ross E. Lockhart –

Allyson Bird –

Jeffrey Thomas –

Damien Angelica Walters –

Daniel Mills –

Justin Steele –

Mike Davis –

Selena Chambers –

sj bagley –

Robert Levy –

Nadia Bulkin –

Michael Wehunt –

S.P. Miskowski –

Cody Goodfellow – OR

Christopher Slatsky –

Orrin Grey –

Matthew Bartlett –

A(W) Baader –

Rebecca J. Allred –

Brian O’Connell –

John Claude Smith –

Yves Tourigny –

Ritchie Tenorio –

Rodney Turner –

Duane Pesice –

John Langan –

My own entry into the madness sweepstakes –

(…to be continually updated as more appear.)


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