Words In: Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt

One of the highlights of this year has been Michael Wehunt’s debut collection, Greener Pastures.


On Goodreads, I said:
“Often we judge first collections by a lower standard, and we’re willing to excuse a few weak or clumsy stories in the mix because it’s the writer’s first try. Once in a while, though, a writer emerges on the scene already so capable in craft and so fully developed artistically, they manage to immediately surpass the efforts of most of those who’ve been doing this for years, or even decades. Wehunt focuses the camera eye closely upon his subjects, and lingers obsessively, scrutinizing detail, weighing nuance and exploring delicate, varied and sometimes unexpected aspects of feeling. These are sensitive, serious and strange tales of real literary achievement, executed with real confidence. With a debut like GREENER PASTURES, the notion of applying diminished expectations to a debut collection seems not only unnecessary, but ridiculous.”

I haven’t talked to a single person who’s been anything less than very impressed with this book. I’m sure it will be regarded as one of the most significant books of 2016.

Greener Pastures on Goodreads:

Greener Pastures on Amazon:

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