John Claude Smith Reviews Lure and Others

John Claude Smith, himself one of the best and most interesting writers currently happening in weird/horror, blog reviews a number of this year’s books, including The Lure of Devouring Light. Among the other items covered are some of my own favorite reads of the year so far.

Items reviewed, in order:
Noctuidae—Scott Nicolay (King Shot Press)
Stag in Flight—S.P. Miskowski (Dim Shores)
Altar—Philip Fracassi (Dunhams Manor Press)
The Visible Filth—Nathan Ballingrud (This Is Horror)
The Operating Theater—Christopher Ropes (Dunhams Manor Press)
Greener Pastures—Michael Wehunt (Shock Totem Publications)
The Lure of Devouring Light—Michael Griffin (Word Horde)
Creeping Waves—Matthew M. Bartlett (Muzzleland Press)

This is well worth checking out in its entirety, apart from whether you’re interested in reading another appraisal of my book. Thanks to John Claude Smith.

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