Lovecraft eZine Chat After-Report

I thought the Lovecraft eZine chat last Sunday went very well, and it’s available to view on YouTube if you missed watching it live.

During the livestream, a few people complained about choppiness, but I watched it later on YouTube and it was smooth. I mean, the video stream was smooth, not me! Check it out:

John Langan made an appearance, and asked me lots of questions, along with host Mike Davis and the other panelists. We talked about Armageddon House, movie soundtracks, ambient music, Marvel versus DC comics, the goal John Langan and I shared of becoming a comic book artist, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, the influence of Laird Barron over absolutely everything, my own writing process, and especially about our great friend Joe Pulver.

I had a great time, and sincerely want to thank Mike and John and the regular panelists, as well as everyone who watched the chat live or viewed it later.

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