Online Lovecraftian Horror Panel

This coming Tuesday, August 18 at 7PM Pacific time, I’ll be participating in an online panel on Lovecraftian Horror sponsored by Hillsboro Public Library, and organized by Mary Kelly.

The panel moderator is Gwen Callahan, known to many of you as the co-director of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and my fellow panelists include Wendy Wagner, Cody Goodfellow and Christine Morgan.

You can register free of charge at the following link:

Here’s the flier with a bit more information:

In this time without literary and film conventions, it will be nice to chat with my fellow Portland horror writers, and answer questions from readers, writers and anyone else interested in taking part. Obviously because this is online, there’s no reason this should be restricted to people in the Portland metro area, so I hope we’ll see some of our non-local friends at the event!

6 thoughts on “Online Lovecraftian Horror Panel

  1. For sure, such a great panel of authors and so cool Gwen is hosting it! Ha, yes, I’ll take what I can get, especially given I can’t even stream this year’s HPLFF festival because I’m in Canada *my tiniest violin solo*

    Hear you tonight!

  2. It’s tomorrow though — unless you’re in a part of Canada where it’s already Tuesday!

    People will be able to submit questions, but I guess audience members won’t be visible in the Zoom chat even if their question is read out… but I’ll sort of see you then!

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