Lure Reviewed on Teleread by Paul StJohn Mackintosh

Paul StJohn Mackintosh has just posted an in-depth review of The Lure of Devouring Light on Teleread.


If you want the tl;dr version, here’s how it was distilled down to its minimum essence by my publisher:

“Griffin is a craftsman of the highest order… Highly recommended.”

But really, you should read the whole thing. I enjoyed seeing a reviewer mention one of the less-discussed stories in the book, “The Jewel in the Eye,” which is also one of my own favorites. It also pleases me to see yet another reviewer call out “The Black Vein Runs Deep” as a highlight.

My thanks to Paul StJohn Mackintosh and Telereads for the REVIEW.

Collected Praise for The Lure of Devouring Light

I’ve been very fortunate with the reviews I’ve received for The Lure of Devouring Light so far. Though I’d still like to see more “reader reviews” especially on Amazon, the magazine and online reviewers have been very kind to the book. I’ve distilled some of these reviews down to a sentence or two each for the purpose of updating the book’s listing on Amazon, and thought I’d post them here as well.

“In 11 weird tales gathered for this promising debut collection, characters step outside their comfortable ordinary routines and inadvertently plunge into strange worlds beyond their control or comprehension… This book is a solid outing from a rising star in horror and dark fantasy.”
-Publishers Weekly

“The Lure of Devouring Light is one of those rare first story collections that defines both the writer and the genre, with stories that linger long after the last page is turned. In a year already full of amazing collections… we feel this is one collection that will remain one of your favorites for years to come.”
-Bob Pastorella, This is Horror

“The Lure of Devouring Light is a celebration of creativity and transformation… often poignant, frequently terrifying, surreal, and brilliant. Griffin is a stellar wordsmith who approaches his work like the artistry that it is, pouring his sweat, his blood, and his self into every exacting sentence and holding the reader captive from page one to the final, soul stirring, heartrending sentence.”
-Shane Douglas Keene, Shotgun Logic

“Griffin has a wonderful ability to create realistic images through his words, particularly with his deft use of descriptive language, crafting delicious stories of dark, weird horror. This is a fantastic collection and I highly recommend it.”
-Adrian Shotbolt, Beavis the Bookhead

“An amazing collection… haunting, evocative, and intelligent in every way, shape, and form. Michael Griffin has achieved something truly stunning with this book that will continue to resonate… a must read for anyone with even a remote interest in genre fiction.”
-Matthew Summers, Smash Dragons

“Do yourself a favor and get this one fast. It doesn’t get more recommended than this.”
-Brian Sammons, Hellnotes

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to all these reviewers for their time and consideration!

If you’re a reviewer who would like to cover the book but haven’t seen a copy, please let me know, or get in touch with Ross Lockhart from Word Horde. You can comment here, or reach either of us on social media.

I’m Interviewed on Ginger Nuts of Horror by Shane Douglas Keene

Shane Douglas Keene, who just gave a wonderful rave review of The Lure of Devouring Light HERE, also recently interviewed me. That lengthy interview now appears on Ginger Nuts of Horror.


Maybe unsurprisingly, we talk a lot about the new book, but also spend a fair amount of time discussing ambient music and my record label Hypnos Recordings, the importance of setting and in particular the Pacific NW, upcoming projects, what it’s like to be published by Word Horde, and more. My thanks to Shane Douglas Keene for taking the time to put together the interview, and to Jim Mcleod for hosting it at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Shotgun Logic on The Lure of Devouring Light

A wonderful new review of The Lure of Devouring Light just appeared, this one by Shane Douglas Keane and posted on his Shotgun Logic blog. It begins:

“With stories published in a diverse array of publications such as Apex and Black Static and anthologies like The Grimscribe’s Puppets and The Children of Old Leech, plus a cornucopia of work forthcoming, Michael Griffin has been garnering some impressive accolades from such high profile voices as S. P. Miskowski, Michael Cisco, and the reigning king of literary weird fiction, Laird Barron. So it’s no surprise to see that his debut collection, The Lure of Devouring Light serves as a showcase of some of the finest short horror fiction to be published in recent years.”

Follow the link to read the rest.

Book Review: The Lure of Devouring Light by Michael Griffin

My sincere thanks to Shane for the detailed and perceptive review. Shane and I also recently completed a lengthy interview, which should be posted soon, though my understanding is that the interview will be posted not at Shane’s own blog but at another prominent horror-focused web site. I should be able to share a link to that soon.

A Day After the Lovecraft eZine Chat

I enjoyed myself on yesterday’s Lovecraft eZine chat. We talked a lot about The Lure of Devouring Light, spent some time discussing individual stories and also talked more generally about my approach to characters, relationships, and themes in my work such as nature.

If you missed seeing it live, you can now view it on YouTube HERE

It should be available in audio format soon, and I’ll post a link at that time.

My thanks to host Mike Davis and panelists Joe Pulver, Pete Rawlik, Rick Lai, S.P. Miskowski, Kelly Young, Matt Carpenter and Philip Fracassi.

Recent Happenings, August 2016 Edition

A few things that are happening recently:

My debut collection The Lure of Devouring Light passed the 90 day mark. I’d stay it’s still being well-received, and more people seem to be discovering it every day. Here are links to the two latest reviews of the book:

I just received advance electronic proofs of two books in which my stories will appear:

Eternal Frankenstein, coming from Word Horde and edited by Ross E. Lockhart, will include my novelette “The Human Alchemy.”

Nightscript #2, edited by C.M. Muller, will be led off by my short story “The Carnival Arrives by Night.”

Also, I completed final edits on my story to appear in the next Lovecraft eZine, issue #38. That story is “Endure Within a Dying Frame.”

Most recently, I received word that my submission has just been accepted for a nifty, brag-worthy anthology coming next year, but I don’t yet have the go-head to announce specifics.

Lastly, I will be appearing on the Lovecraft eZine video chat this Sunday, August 14. Read about that HERE.

That’s all for now!

The Best Place for a Book is a Reader’s Hand

It’s been a while since I shared pictures of people showing off their copy of The Lure of Devouring Light. Here are a few more.

Kristi Demeester with reading materials for a summer road trip:


Brian Evenson:


Christopher Ropes, who found copies for sale at the Barnes & Noble store at Union Station:


Thanks to Kristi, Brian and Chrisopher for sharing pictures.

Review and Interview on Smash Dragons

Matthew Summers has just posted both a lengthy interview with me and a very flattering review of The Lure of Devouring Light on his blog, Smash Dragons.

The review uses terms like “tour de force” and ends with “Quiet horror told with the loudest of voices, this collection is a must read for anyone with even a remote interest in genre fiction.” I think it’s safe to say Matthew liked the book very much!


The interview was an enjoyable and interesting one for me, with some good questions. It’s mostly serious, but probably most people will be interested in seeing who I choose for my zombie apocalypse survival team, when limited to choosing only from weird/horror writers.


My sincere thanks to Matthew Summers for his efforts assembling the interview, and his kind and flattering appraisal of The Lure of Devouring Light.

Devouring Other Libraries

Earlier this month I posted about The Lure of Devouring Light being available at 6 branches of Multnomah Country Library, which of course will only be of interest to you if you live in Portland.

If you live elsewhere, you can see which other libraries nationwide are stocking the book (thanks to Jennifer Lockhart for the link to this resource).

The Lure of Devouring Light listing on WorldCat.

If your local library doesn’t have it, maybe you can let them know you’d like them to order it. This would make the world a much better place… you’d get to read the book for free, other people in your local area could read the book for free after you, and we’d sell some extra copies of the book!