Cover Reveal for Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Word Horde has just revealed the cover for the upcoming anthology CTHULHU FHTAGN! which includes my story “Delirium Sings at the Maelstrom Window.” It’s beautiful!


The announcement on Word Horde’s own site is HERE, and includes a pre-order link! My past experience with direct pre-ordering Word Horde books is that you’ll most often receive the ebook part of the package in advance of the release date. No promises, of course, but it’s probably the fastest way to get your hands on this book, which is scheduled to be released in August.

I’m excited to share a table of contents (below) with some fantastic authors, including many for the first time.

Table of Contents

Introduction: In His House at R’lyeh… – Ross E. Lockhart
The Lightning Splitter – Walter Greatshell
Dead Canyons – Ann K. Schwader
Delirium Sings at the Maelstrom Window – Michael Griffin
Into Ye Smoke-Wreath’d World of Dream – W. H. Pugmire
The Lurker In the Shadows – Nathan Carson
The Insectivore – Orrin Grey
The Body Shop – Richard Lee Byers
On a Kansas Plain – Michael J. Martinez
The Prince of Lyghes – Anya Martin
The Curious Death of Sir Arthur Turnbridge – G. D. Falksen
Aerkheim’s Horror – Christine Morgan
Return of the Prodigy – T.E. Grau
The Curse of the Old Ones – Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington
Love Will Save You – Cameron Pierce
Assemblage Point – Scott R. Jones
The Return of Sarnath – Gord Sellar
The Long Dark – Wendy N. Wagner
Green Revolution – Cody Goodfellow
Don’t Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form – Laird Barron

My thanks to Editor and Publisher Ross E. Lockhart for putting this together, and giving me an opportunity to be part of it.

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