Armageddon House as Penguin Classic

There’s a “Penguin Classics Cover Generator” web site here, the output of which has been taking over Twitter & Facebook this morning. Though I usually don’t jump aboard with internet viral/meme kind of stuff, I thought it might be fun to make an alternative version of Armageddon House as part of the Penguin Classic series.

This uses an old photo of mine, part of a series of decaying industrial structures, and I think it actually works pretty well.

I also did one for Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone, which uses a public domain image of the planet Mars obtained from NASA’s image archive. To me, it looks like human skin that’s been tattooed and scarred.

I’m extremely happy with the covers my books already have — I’ve been unusually lucky in this regard, I think — but it’s still fun to play around with different presentations for the same texts.





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