Armageddon Tomorrow

The official release day for Armageddon House is tomorrow, May 12.

I’ll be doing an AMA or “Ask Me Anything” event on Reddit’s WeirdLit subreddit, as mentioned here:

I gave the time as 1PM but that’s Pacific time — so it’s 4PM if you’re in the Eastern time zone, and if you’re in Central or Mountain, you’re probably accustomed to having to do the math to figure out what time to tune in to things.

I hope to have plenty of people drop by and ask all sorts of questions. The most interesting AMAs to me are the ones where the questions fall outside the zone of the usual interview questions. As I mentioned in the pre-announcement page…

We can discuss writers and writing, publishers and publishing, whether or not it’s about me.

You can ask me to list my favorite 80s music, the best weird movies, my favorite single malt, or to justify which track and field event I think is the hardest. But not until May 12th!

I’ve taken a day off from work, and I’ll try to come up with other ideas to draw attention to the book, such as maybe a live video reading, or possibly posting audio of reading the first few chapters.

It’ll be very exciting to have the book out there in the world!

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