Armageddon House as Penguin Classic

There’s a “Penguin Classics Cover Generator” web site here, the output of which has been taking over Twitter & Facebook this morning. Though I usually don’t jump aboard with internet viral/meme kind of stuff, I thought it might be fun to make an alternative version of Armageddon House as part of the Penguin Classic series.

This uses an old photo of mine, part of a series of decaying industrial structures, and I think it actually works pretty well.

I also did one for Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone, which uses a public domain image of the planet Mars obtained from NASA’s image archive. To me, it looks like human skin that’s been tattooed and scarred.

I’m extremely happy with the covers my books already have — I’ve been unusually lucky in this regard, I think — but it’s still fun to play around with different presentations for the same texts.





Armageddon House Reviewed on The Outer Dark

Just weeks ago, I took part in The Outer Dark’s Quarantine Reading Series, along with Molly Tanzer, which you can listen to here if you missed it. This week’s installment of the Quarantine Readings series features Christina Sng and Mike Allen.

What’s more, this episode also includes a lengthy, detailed and quite enthusiastic review by Gordon B. White of Armageddon House. Wow, thanks, Gordon! I really appreciate all the time and attention that went into this.

The episode starts off with a nice salute to our friend, writer and editor Joe Pulver, by Gordon and Anya Martin. Joe is very much missed around here.

If you’re interested, you can check out the latest installment of The Outer Dark here. And special thanks once again to Gordon B. White, as well as Anya!

TOD 069 Quarantine Readings: Christina Sng and Mike Allen

A Week From Now

A week from now, Armageddon House will officially be out there in the world!

A few advance reviews have started to appear, and more should be appearing soon.

Are there any reviewers out there who would like to receive a review copy?

Any journalists or bloggers who would like to do an interview or other feature? If so, let me know!

On release day, I’ll be doing an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the Weird Lit sub-Reddit HERE.

I’ll probably also do some kind of live and/or recorded reading from the book too.


More2Read Review of Armageddon House

Lou Pendergrast has just posted a nice feature and review of Armageddon House at

The review begins:

Jenna and Mark, Polly and Greyson. Four somewhere in time, in isolation. They have memories vague, and thoughts, imagined things, with secrets and questions arising as things unfold…

Check out the rest of what Lou Pendergrast has to say here.

My sincere thanks to Lou and for shining the spotlight on Armageddon House!

This Is Horror Says Look Out for Armageddon House

This Is Horror says “Look Out for Armageddon House,” part of their series letting their audience know about books coming up.

These features are fun because they include a section of ‘Why we’re excited about this book’ along with a section from the author about why they’re excited about the book.

Their attention-grabber quote up top is:

“With mounting tension and claustrophobic paranoia, Griffin’s latest effort promises to send readers on a unsettling and disturbing ride.”

If you want to read the rest of what they (and I) have to say about Armageddon House take a look here.

My thanks to Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella who have always made This Is Horror a great resource for fans of horror and the weird! I appreciate them giving a boost to my book.

Armageddon House Spotlight by Micah Castle

Micah Castle has spotlighted Armageddon House today on his blog. He begins:

Armageddon House is a fast-paced, evocatively written, psychological weird fiction novella about four people living, seemingly willingly, in a bomb shelter or an underground bunker in an unknown location somewhere in the world.

You can read the rest here:

Book Spotlight: Armageddon House by Michael Griffin

My thanks to Micah for giving Armageddon House his attention!

Armageddon House Hardcover

The cover for the paperback and ebook versions of Armageddon House was revealed some time ago, but today Undertow Publications revealed the cover art for the limited hardcover edition for the first time. Here’s the full spread:

It’s a variant of the same concept from the paperback, but includes not only the inner flap components, but also the nifty “letter grid” name and title element on the back cover. Art and design by the amazing Vince Haig.

And here’s a closer look at the front cover:

I’m especially excited about the hardcover version, even though I realize far fewer readers will end up getting it. I recently purchased the last Undertow Publications limited hardcover, Kay Chronister’s Thin Places, and it’s a beautiful book.

In today’s Undertow newsletter, Michael Kelly explains a bit about how the limited hardcover series works.

Michael Griffin’s fantastic novella ARMAGEDDON HOUSE (May) will be our next limited hardcover in our regular line, followed by Richard Gavin’s GROTESQUERIE (September). If you purchased our first limited from our regular line, THIN PLACES, and want to match your letter for ARMAGEDDON HOUSE, please get in touch as soon as possible. A reminder that the limiteds in our regular line are lettered (52 copies), and the limiteds in our Contemporary Classics line are numbered (100 copies).

A note about rights to numbered and lettered editions: the current number or letter holder for our most recently published limited edition will get first opportunity to match their letter or number, always. For example, if you bought copy number X of THIN PLACES, you will get the first chance to purchase copy X of ARMAGEDDON HOUSE. If you pass on ARMAGEDDON HOUSE, the customer who does buy copy X of ARMAGEDDON HOUSE will get first opportunity to purchase copy X of the next limited, GROTESQUERIE. I hope that makes sense.

Richard Gavin is one of my favorite writers, and his upcoming Grotesquerie looks amazing, so I’ll be first in line for the limited hardcover of that one, as well. Supporting independent publishing is an important thing to do, and it’s an easier decision to make when the books are beautiful and compelling like the ones put out by Undertow! Please note that people who already have the limited Thin Places should let Michael know if they’d like to get the same copy number of Armageddon House.

Advance Copies of Armageddon House

A book isn’t really a book until it’s a book. Now Armgageddon House is a book!

Michael Kelly just posted pictures of advance copies of my novella which is coming May 12 from Undertow Publications. These will mostly be sent to reviewers, but they’re real copyedited and corrected books with the real cover, and they look great.

Here are Michael’s photos, for those of you who didn’t see his posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Last week I posted a link for preordering the paperback from Amazon, and here’s a new link where you can preorder directly from the publisher:

A New Way to Buy Books Online

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen various small publishers pointing out that their books are available via which appears to be an online ordering option for people who want to avoid the “giants” like Amazon, Book Depository and

I haven’t ordered from them yet, but I’ll probably give it a try soon and see how it goes.

They seem to have lots of things listed, including my three currently in print books, The Human Alchemy, The Lure of Devouring Light and Hieroglyphs of Blood and Bone. See here:

I assume Armageddon House will appear at some point as well.