Lovecraft eZine Chat After-Report

I thought the Lovecraft eZine chat last Sunday went very well, and it’s available to view on YouTube if you missed watching it live.

During the livestream, a few people complained about choppiness, but I watched it later on YouTube and it was smooth. I mean, the video stream was smooth, not me! Check it out:

John Langan made an appearance, and asked me lots of questions, along with host Mike Davis and the other panelists. We talked about Armageddon House, movie soundtracks, ambient music, Marvel versus DC comics, the goal John Langan and I shared of becoming a comic book artist, The Grimscribe’s Puppets, the influence of Laird Barron over absolutely everything, my own writing process, and especially about our great friend Joe Pulver.

I had a great time, and sincerely want to thank Mike and John and the regular panelists, as well as everyone who watched the chat live or viewed it later.

Reddit AMA on Release Day

I’ll be doing an AMA (that’s “Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit on May 12, which also happens to be release day for Armageddon House.

Specifically this is happening on the WeirdLit subreddit, which is here:

The pre-announcement is here:

It starts at 1PM and I plan to keep on answering questions as long as people are asking them. Hope to see a few familiar faces/names in the mix!

A Week From Now

A week from now, Armageddon House will officially be out there in the world!

A few advance reviews have started to appear, and more should be appearing soon.

Are there any reviewers out there who would like to receive a review copy?

Any journalists or bloggers who would like to do an interview or other feature? If so, let me know!

On release day, I’ll be doing an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the Weird Lit sub-Reddit HERE.

I’ll probably also do some kind of live and/or recorded reading from the book too.


Third Time’s the Charm With Lovecraft eZine

We’ve had a couple of postponements to my appearance on the Lovecraft eZine chat, but it’s on for today at 3PM Pacific time. Third time’s the charm!

Here’s a direct link for those of you wishing to view the stream in real time:

For everyone else, the video stream will be archived soon after the show’s completion, and after a while there will be an MP3 audio version available.

More2Read Review of Armageddon House

Lou Pendergrast has just posted a nice feature and review of Armageddon House at

The review begins:

Jenna and Mark, Polly and Greyson. Four somewhere in time, in isolation. They have memories vague, and thoughts, imagined things, with secrets and questions arising as things unfold…

Check out the rest of what Lou Pendergrast has to say here.

My sincere thanks to Lou and for shining the spotlight on Armageddon House!

This Is Horror Says Look Out for Armageddon House

This Is Horror says “Look Out for Armageddon House,” part of their series letting their audience know about books coming up.

These features are fun because they include a section of ‘Why we’re excited about this book’ along with a section from the author about why they’re excited about the book.

Their attention-grabber quote up top is:

“With mounting tension and claustrophobic paranoia, Griffin’s latest effort promises to send readers on a unsettling and disturbing ride.”

If you want to read the rest of what they (and I) have to say about Armageddon House take a look here.

My thanks to Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella who have always made This Is Horror a great resource for fans of horror and the weird! I appreciate them giving a boost to my book.

Armageddon House Spotlight by Micah Castle

Micah Castle has spotlighted Armageddon House today on his blog. He begins:

Armageddon House is a fast-paced, evocatively written, psychological weird fiction novella about four people living, seemingly willingly, in a bomb shelter or an underground bunker in an unknown location somewhere in the world.

You can read the rest here:

Book Spotlight: Armageddon House by Michael Griffin

My thanks to Micah for giving Armageddon House his attention!

The Passing of Joe Pulver

Today we lost one of my favorite people in the world. My friend Joe Pulver is gone.

As writer and editor, he was known as Joseph S. Pulver Sr. On Facebook, he was nicknamed The bEast, an appellation he loved, and often used himself. I just thought of him as Joe.

He was among the funniest, smartest, craziest and most generous people I’ve ever known, and possessed of a piercing talent. We’d been good friends online for several years before we finally had a chance to meet in person, when he visited Portland to be a guest at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and stayed with us for something like a week.

Soon I hope to assemble my thoughts and memories into some kind of memorial to Joe, but I didn’t want to let the day pass without saying something. I have so many fond memories, so many stories I’d like to tell. He was important to me as an editor and a supporter of my work, and I admired his writing as well, but it’s the friendship I’ll miss. It’s the manic enthusiasm, and truly unique way his spirit expressed itself.

For now, I’ll link back to my original series of convention reports after that 2013 H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest, which covers events from preparing to pick up Joe at the airport, to our first meeting, then going through the long convention weekend, and finally taking him to the beach at Lincoln City, OR.

There are lots of pictures along with my narrative, so it’s quite a lengthy and emotional trip (in five parts) going through these. 

Part 1 – Before

Part 2 – Friday

Part 3 – Saturday

Part 4 – Sunday

Part 5 – After

As I mentioned, I hope to have something more to say soon. At the very least, I’d like to tell people how encouraging Joe was of newer, emerging writers, not only myself. He pushed to discover new talent, to bring together kindred spirits, and to assemble interesting writing in ways that would be compelling to all kinds of readers.

In recent days, as people came to realize Joe would be gone soon, some of us expressed our appreciation of Joe. Many writers told how much they appreciated Joe’s support of their writing, often before anybody else really knew about it. That was Joe, that enthusiasm and fearlessness, and absolute certainty when faced with words that spoke to him. I will miss the writer and editor very much, but more than that, I’ll miss my friend.

Lovecraft eZine Chat Today (updated: postponed to 4/26)

LATE UPDATE: Lovecraft eZine chat now postponed until next week, Sunday April 26.


Quick reminder… I’ll be on the Lovecraft eZine Chat today.

You can watch “live” today at 3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern, here:

You’ll also be able to watch the archived video stream soon after the show ends on YouTube, here:

Another option, usually available within a week or two, is the audio-only podcast version of the show, available here:

I’ll Be On Lovecraft eZine Podcast Sunday, April 19

I’ll be appearing on the Lovecraft eZine video podcast on Sunday, April 19. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

You can read more about it here, and also find a link to the live, real-time video stream — and later on, you’ll find links to the archived video and audio:


At the moment, I’m catching up on the Michael Cisco interview from April 5, and it’s a good one.

I’m looking forward to being on with Mike Davis and the panel. It’s been quite a while since I took part in a Lovecraft eZine chat!